Air Cooler


Air coolers differ decisively in their mode of operation from classic mobile air conditioners. While in the classic air conditioner a refrigerant is cooled with the help of electric current and circulates in a cooling circuit, this is not the case with an air cooler.

The devices do without such a power-hungry cooling circuit with chemical refrigerant and compressor. Instead, they rely on cooling accumulators, sometimes with an additional Peltier element, to lower the room temperature according to the physical principle of so-called evaporative cooling.

Air coolers draw in the heated room air on one side and then pass it through a special cooling system containing chilled water. The water in the cooling system evaporates very slowly, absorbing heat from the room air flowing through it. A fan then blows the cooler room air back into the room. Unlike the conventional fan, however, the circulating room air is cooled in the air cooler.


The extra powerful air cooler


Small mini air cooler with ultrasonic technology


A real all-rounder: Virgo is an air cooler and air purifier in a single unit

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