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Air is the essence of our life. Without air we cannot survive. Good air improves our well-being. Therefore, the AIR, for us, has a central importance. We clean, humidify, dehumidify, heat, aromatize and circulate it for you - just to give you the best possible indoor climate. STYLIES® is the brand name for our latest generation of beautifully designed and functional small electrical appliances that do this job for us and our motivation.

To meet the highest quality demands of our customers, most of our products have been developed and designed in Switzerland. It is our ambition to offer our customers high functionality packed in a modern and appealing design. Therefore, we keep up to date with trends, designs and new technologies and integrate them into new product ideas.

Coplax AG was founded in 1958 and is a member of the EMRO Group with headquarters in Cham, Switzerland. With fully paid-up share capital, Coplax AG is an economically independent stock corporation.

For many years Coplax AG has been developing and producing its own small electrical appliances for the household sector with its own tools and the designs are internationally protected. We have continuously developed our concepts at home and abroad, which has led to sustained market acceptance. Our many years of know-how in product development, our product innovations as well as the professionalism of our product solutions have been able to inspire numerous customers. On request, it is also possible to launch selected products under your own brand. Contact us in this regard and let us advise you!

In the premium segment of electronic household products we cooperate within the EMRO Group with TAVORA Brands AG to guarantee an extensive range of products.


At STYLIES Brand of Switzerland, our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers through high-quality indoor air, trendy design and high-end technology. With a deep-rooted commitment to perfection and Swiss precision, we strive to redefine the standards of air quality and indoor cooling. Our focus is to develop products that not only offer the highest performance and comfort, but also appeal to the aesthetic sensibility. Each of our room humidifiers and air purifiers is a masterpiece that fits seamlessly into any space and embodies a modern, trendy design. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, we also place great emphasis on the environmental compatibility of our products. By using advanced technology and energy-efficient components, we help reduce our impact on the environment and create a sustainable future. Our humidifiers, air purifiers and air conditioners not only ensure optimal indoor air quality, but also help to promote well-being and health. With optimised and very quiet operating noises, we create a relaxed atmosphere that guarantees space for concentration, relaxation and the highest level of living comfort. As a proud Swiss company, we have been committed to the highest quality standards and durability since 1958. Each of our products is manufactured with care to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. 


Our location:

Where are we from? In a small village called Oberarth, at the foot of the Rigi, we create and realise the latest air conditioners for your home.


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