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Humidification is a complex subject and many different technologies exist on the international markets. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages and there are devices that are more suitable for a household than others. Therefore, the following overview will help you to find the right technology and thus the suitable model for your requirements. The amount of water that the air can absorb depends on the temperature. The reason for this is that cold air can absorb less water than warm air. If cold air is heated by the heater, the relative humidity drops far below the optimum value of 45-55%. If the outside temperature is -10 °C, for example, then each cubic metre of air can absorb a maximum of 2 g of water. If the effectively absorbed value is 2 g, then this means a relative humidity of 100%.


Health aspects:

  • Generally improved well-being
  • Better sleep Improved concentration
  • No drying of nose, eyes and skin
  • Reduction of the risk of infection (flu)
  • Reduces the occurrence of headaches and symptoms of fatigue
  • Reduction of allergic diseases

Aspects related to living space:

  • Lower dust exposure
  • Musical instruments are not out of tune
  • No drying out of wooden furniture, wooden floors, paintings and antiques

STYLIES® humidifiers take on the task of raising the air humidity to the comfort level for you, thus enabling you to enjoy all the benefits mentioned. However, our humidifiers can not only be used to optimally humidify living spaces, there are other diverse areas of application, for example:

  • Museums and galleries
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Botanical gardens and conservatories
  • Rooms with musical instruments (pianos etc.)
  • Hospitals
  • Wooden floors
  • Humidors / damp rooms

Our STYLIES Product Overview

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