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Castor and Cepheus awarded the top grade 1.6!

In the 4/2023 issue of the renowned magazine Haus & Garten Tests, the two fans Castor and Cepheus shone with excellent results. With a grade of 1.6, they were awarded the title of test winner in the fan category.

The positive feedback from our loyal customers confirms the quality and performance of Stylies fans and motivates us to continuously work on the further development of our products.

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A membrane vibrating in the ultrasonic range transforms water into a fine mist, which is emitted into the room by means of a fan. As this mist is cold, there is no risk of burning. The limescale filter cartridge filters limescale out of the water so that the mist that comes out is fresh, clean and limescale-free. Ultrasonic devices also require very little electricity.


The water is heated to boiling point by a heating element and thus produces water vapour. In contrast to evaporators and ultrasonic devices, vaporisers require a comparatively large amount of electricity. On the other hand, they are considered to be enormously powerful and ensure optimal distribution in the room. In addition, vaporisers produce completely germ-free steam even without accessories.


A specially treated filter cassette absorbs the water from the water tank. Fans convey dry air through these soaked filter cassettes and blow the humidified air back into the room. The humidification is not visually visible.

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