Heating Textiles


Heated textiles with deep effect for comfortable warmth and help with acute and chronic pain. Heated within 30 seconds, the 3 heating levels provide warmth from 35 °C to 60 °C. Extra-light, flexible, breathable and resistant. The fine heating grid with the latest technology is incorporated into high-quality non-woven fabric and offers pleasant wearing comfort. A power bank is included, this makes the application flexible and independent of another power supply.

With the introduction of the brand new line of heating textiles, we are expanding our brand in the area of "more well-being and quality of life".

Heat belt back

Heat belt menstruation

Thermal blanket

Heat bandage shoulder right

Heat bandage shoulder left

Heat bandage knee

Heat bandage elbow

Powerbank 5000

The powerful powerbank.

Powerbank 10000

The extremely powerful powerbank for on the go.

Heat bandage neck

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